• apples  
    Snack will be a part of our school day in the afternoon Monday through Thursday since 2nd grade eats lunch at 11:50am. In order to provide a safe learning environment for all students given moderate to severe allergies in the classroom, the Second Grade Team has a specific list of snack options.
    Please provide one of the following options for your child during snack. If your child brings in chips, crackers, or other processed foods, they will take it home. Snack needs to be separate from their lunch box. Have them keep their snack in a special place in their backpack so it is easily accessible to bring into the classroom.
    • Fresh fruit/fruit leather/dried Fruit
    • Fresh vegetables
    • Healthy, nut free, granola or fruit bars
    • Meat slices, beef jerky, pepperoni sticks
    • Cheese sticks or cheese slices
    • Gogo Squeeze Applesauce
    Students are allowed to bring in water bottles to keep at their desks and there is also a water fountain located in the classroom.

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!