• Hidden Gems of ClassDojo
    Classroom Dojo

    I use an online classroom management tool called Class Dojo. I use Classroom Dojo points in class as a positive way to motivate, encourage, and celebrate student behaviors and accomplishments.  It is a wonderful tool when the classroom is getting too noisy or needs redirection. 


    When other students here the ding from a positive point, they immediately become silent because they want to earn one as well.  Students typically receive 0-3 Dojo points a day for displaying positive behavior. I do not give negative points on DoJo nor do I take away the positive Dojo's a student earns. 


    For every 10 Dojo points a student receives, they get to pick a reward ticket. Reward tickets include sitting in your favorite spot, a trip to the treasure box, bringing in a show and tell or stuffed animal, and lunch with Mrs. Buck.