Professional Development and Clock Hour Process for Instructors

  • Instructor discusses professional development with approving Director and submits completed Clock Hour Proposal form
    Click here to access the Clock Hour Proposal form Clock Hour Proposal Form
    Click here to access the Vita form template or submit your resume to Tanya Alter (one of these is required for instructor of record). Once Clock Hours are awarded in Frontline Professional Development, class sign-in sheets must be sent to Tanya Alter.

Requirements for Granting Clock Hours

  • 1.  Only “professional development” activities can be awarded Clock Hours. The regulations specifically prohibit awarding Clock Hours for:
    • Routine staff meetings to discuss operational or administrative policies and procedures.
    • Social hours or actual meal times (unless this time is spent in professional development activities, such as listening to a presenter).

    2.  A minimum of three hours of instructional time is required before Clock Hours can be awarded.

    3.  Before Clock Hours can be approved for Professional Development, the following standards must be met:

    An agenda must be developed that includes:
    • A statement of the intended outcomes of the course and specifies the topics to be covered
    • The dates and times for each session, with start and end times, breaks, and meal times shown

    *From the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 181-85)