• Future Attendance Boundaries Have Been Approved
    Over the past several weeks, the Snoqualmie Valley School District has conducted an Attendance Boundary Review process. The primary purpose of conducting the study and public engagement process was to address the opening of Elementary School #6 in Snoqualmie next fall and review middle school attendance boundary needs for when the District returns to three middle schools in 2019.

    The Attendance Boundary Review Committee completed its analysis of school boundaries and presented its recommendation to the School Board on October 29, 2015. At a Special Board meeting November 4, the Snoqualmie Valley School Board voted unanimously to approve the recommendation.

    Future Elementary School Attendance Boundaries

    After much consideration, the School Board has adopted the committee's recommendation of Option B2 for elementary attendance boundaries, beginning in the fall of 2016. A brief description and map of the changes from the current attendance boundaries is below:
    • Moves the Mount Si Road and parts of North Bend Way to NBES (from OES)
    • Moves Deer Park and Aster Creek to Elementary School #6 (from NBES)
    • Moves Eagle Point area and SE Vaughn to Elementary School #6 (from FCES)
    • Moves the Heights and "K-North" areas to Elementary School #6 (from SES)
    Elementary Boundary Option B2
    Next steps: Letters will be sent to parents of students affected by this decision in the next few weeks. The letters will include more details about the upcoming changes and the option of “grandfathering” next year’s 5th grade students and their siblings, for one year only. Families who choose this option will be responsible for transporting their students next year.

    Future Middle School Boundaries

    In the fall of 2019, all freshman students in the Snoqualmie Valley School District will move into the newly rebuilt Mount Si High School, along with other students in grades 10-12. This transition will allow the District to convert the Freshman Campus back into Snoqualmie Middle School, returning to a three-middle-school model (instead of two currently). By then, with a total of six elementary and three middle schools, the District is planning for a scenario that involves two elementary schools “feeding” into each middle school. The School Board also adopted the recommendation for future middle school boundaries (beginning in fall 2019) that places:
    • Elementary School #6 and FCES students at Chief Kanim Middle School
    • OES and NBES students at Twin Falls Middle School 
    • SES and CVES students at Snoqualmie Middle School
    Throughout this process, the District has worked diligently to communicate information effectively, provide opportunities for input, and implement a boundary adjustment as efficiently and as fairly as possible. Opportunities for public comment included: three online surveys, two public meetings and a time for public comment at the October 29 School Board meeting. Hundreds of comments were received on the matter, and many factors were taken into account in this decision.

    To all who participated in the process, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. Please know the District will do its best to assist all families with their transitions to new schools. Later this spring, for example, schools will host activities to welcome new families and foster new friendships for the coming year.

    If you have questions about the newly adopted boundary changes, please call Jeff Hogan at 425-831-8019 or email hoganj@svsd410.org.