• New School Is Named: Timber Ridge Elementary School

    The School Board voted unanimously at their January 28 regular meeting to name the new school: Timber Ridge Elementary School.

    This decision followed a 3-month process that offered opportunities for the public to submit nominations and comment on a shortened list of names being considered. Thanks to all who took time to participate and share their thoughts on naming the District’s newest school.
    New PTSA Forming:  Also, a steering committee is being formed to establish a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) for Timber Ridge Elementary School. At a meeting on February 10, the Snoqualmie Valley PTSA Council will begin the process of pursuing a Charter Membership through the Washington State PTSA for the new school. The purpose of the meeting will be to select a steering committee of 6-10 people, who in turn will discuss the commitments and responsibilities of the new PTSA. It is preferable to have representation from all the elementary schools, from which families will be attending the new school (NBES, FCES, SES).

    Parents interested in participating on the Timber Ridge PTSA Steering Committee should attend the February 10 meeting, at 6:30-8 p.m. in the District Office Board Room (located at 8001 Silva Avenue SE, Snoqualmie).

    Timber Ridge Elementary School is currently under construction at 34412 SE Swenson Drive in Snoqualmie and scheduled to open next fall. For more information on the construction progress, including more photos and videos, click here.