SVEA Discretionary Personal Leave

  • Per article 27.2 on Personal Discretionary Leave in the SVEA contract, the following procedures have been established for requesting Personal Leave immediately before or after a holiday or vacation. Up to six (6) employees may be granted discretionary leave the day before or after a holiday or vacation period or optional non-student days. These discretionary leaves will be granted on a first come/first served basis when requested through these established procedures.

    • Personal leave requested for days immediately before or after a holiday or vacation period must be submitted after August 1 of the school year and requests for these leaves must be made no less than fifteen (15) work days prior to the day or days requested.
    • Before submitting a request, check your Discretionary Personal Leave balance in Skyward Employee Access to ensure you have leave available.
    • Review the SVEA Discretionary Personal Leave Calendar for the dates you are considering to see if there are any of the six (6) slots available (calendar updated weekly).
    • If there is a slot available, send an email request to the SVEA Discretionary Personal Leave mailbox at:
      • Be sure to include in the Subject line the words "Discretionary Personal Leave."
      • Include the date or dates requested.
      • Note whether it is for a full day or half day.
      • Include your full name.
    • The email sent by the employee serves as a time stamp to determine the first come/first served  order (to be granted or denied). Messages sent to any other email address or person will not be considered or processed.
    • Employees will be notified, by email, within five (5) work days if their leave request is approved or not.
    • If employee receives email approval, print the email from Personnel and attach it to a paper leave request form (obtain from school secretary) and submit to principal or supervisor for their signature within two (2) days (of receiving the email approval). 
    • Once leave is approved by your Principal, the District Office will enter your absence in Skyward, but you are responsible for entering your leave in Frontline Absence Management.
    • If the approval email is received prior to the beginning of the school year, the employee must submit the paper leave request to the principal or supervisor for their signature within two (2) days of returning to work.
    • Employees must make an attempt to secure a substitute teachers for any leave days approved.

    Important Note: It is the employee's responsibility to ensure they have an adequate Discretionary Personal Leave balance (in Skyward Employee Access) before making a request.  If the request for leave is approved and it is later determined that the employee does note have an adequate available Discretionary Personal Leave balance, any days taken will be processed as "unpaid leave."