Technology Plans and Deployment

  • Tapping the educational benefits of technology is a high priority for the Snoqualmie Valley Public Schools.

    In August 2005 the District completed installing (on time and under budget) nearly twenty miles of district-wide fiber optic infrastructure connecting all existing and new schools with 1000 MB connections. Since August 2005, all district voice, video, and data systems now travel over high speed fiber. Funding for the fiber project was provided as part of the 2003 voter approved bond measure.

    In February 2006, voters approved a 4 million dollar, four year technology levy. Proceeds from the levy were used to update computers in classrooms, libraries and computer labs, install digital projectors and document cameras in all classrooms, purchase and install 75 interactive whiteboards in classrooms, leverage the high speed fiber network to expand data storage systems, improve disaster recovery capabilities and automate software deployment. Numerous software applications and a wide variety of technology training opportunities for staff were also provided.

      In February 2010, voters approved a 9.8 million dollar, four year replacement technology levy. The 2010 levy is funding numerous technology upgrades and enhancements in all of the schools, including the build out of a robust wireless network, and the acquisition of hundreds of mobile devices, like Netbooks and iPads. In addition, all cetificated staff have received significant professional development on how to utilize the technology for teaching and learning.

      The District Technology Advisory Committee met over the course of several months in 2013 to plan for a 2014 replacement technology levy. Based upon surveys, research and funding limitations it is likely a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) model will gain momentum in the coming months as the need for web enabled mobile devices becomes critically important in most classroom. The committee made a recommendation to the superintendent in the fall of  2013 and the School Board passed a resolution to place the replacement technology levy on the ballot in February 2014. 

      For additional details on the technology levy , plans and deployments contact Jeff Hogan at 425.831.8000