• Fifth Grade Marimba Ensemble
    THANKS to wonderfully generous and supportive grants from our TRES PTSA and the Snoqualmie Valley Schools Foundation, our Timber Ridge Music Program is thrilled to now have a full set of Zimbabwean-style marimbas to begin a new music ensemble and tradition: Marimba Ensemble!

    OUR MARIMBA ENSEMBLE EXPERIENCE will be organized into two parts in this inaugural year - a fall season and a spring season (see the box below for information regarding what Marimba Ensemble will look like in the Spring)! This Fall, our ensemble will be called “Marimba Ensemble: The Awakening,” and all fifth grade students are welcomed to participate! Its purpose is 1) to provide all fifth grade students the opportunity to learn and grow musically and socially through experiencing the joy of playing in a marimba band with their peers and 2) to serve as an introductory experience for our official Marimba Ensemble, which will begin in the Spring. There will be no performances or trips during the fall season.

    WHEN AND WHERE WE MEET: “Marimba Ensemble: The Awakening” will meet on Tuesday mornings before school, from 8:15 - 9:05 am, beginning Tuesday, September 17. We will meet at Timber Ridge in the Music Room! Our fall season will end at Winter Break in December.

    MARIMBA ENSEMBLE IN THE SPRING: In the Spring, students will be selected for our TRES Marimba Ensemble by invitation letter. Students will be invited based on their demonstration of responsibility, respect, a positive attitude, and an eagerness to learn in class, music, and “Marimba Ensemble: The Awakening.” The size of the Spring Marimba Ensemble will be approximately twenty students, a traditional member size of marimba bands. Rehearsals will take place every Tuesday and Friday mornings from mid-March (when the Choir season has ended) through the end of the school year, and performances will take place at TRES Spring School Events!