• FAQ About Library Procedures

    When do you see my child?

    I see all K-5 students once a week for 40 minutes each. Each class has a 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute check-out.

    How many books can my child check out?

    Kindy and First can check out one book.

    Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth can check out two books.

    My child said they were a browser in library today.  What does that mean?

    If a student has an overdue book or has reached their check out limit they will not be able to check out so they will be a browser. A browser means they can look at books, but they can’t check out a book.

    When are books due?

    Books are due two weeks after they are checked out. Students must bring a book in to have it renewed for an additional two weeks.

    Do you charge fines for overdue books?


    What happens if my child loses or damages a book?

    If their book is ever damaged, please remind your child to bring the book to me so it can be repaired. If the book is beyond repair or is lost, it will need to be replaced.  When replacing a lost or damaged book, please send a check made out to SES or cash (exact amount). Let me know if replacing the book is a hardship and I will work something out with you.

    Are you open during recess time for students to check out?


     What will happen if I don’t pay for a lost or damaged book?

    After a book has been checked out for 60 days a fine will be assessed.  Once a fine has been assessed it will stay on their account until it is paid.  The fine will follow them to any school they attend in the district. Some schools may require a fine to be paid before participating in a school activity.

    What if I pay a fine for a lost book and then I find the book?

    Return the book to the library for a refund. If the book is found after school closes in June, you can no longer get a refund.  The district office closes its books at the end of the school year so a refund is no longer possible.