• High School Scheduling Advisory Committee (HSSAC)
    The High School Schedule Advisory Committee (HSSAC) is currently comprised of about 30 Mount Si High School students, parents, staff members and district administrators. They began their work in March of 2016 to examine high school schedule options that may better meet the changing needs of Snoqualmie Valley high school students.
    Committee members (updated April 2017):
    Staff members:
    Joe Baginiski
    Tyler Baxter
    John Belcher
    Lindsey Elgammal
    Greg Hart
    Jeff Hogan
    Susan Holihan
    Jennifer Holloway
    Chelsea King
    Nick Kurka
    Bill Leather 
    Jerry Maher

    Staff members:
    Ruth Moen
    Marcella Murphy
    Vernie Newell
    Rachel Raff
    Sierra Rothlisberg
    Rhonda Schmidt
    Laura Tarp
    Nick Viera
    Matt Wenman
    Linda Wickswat
    Angela Zwiefelhofer
    Students and parents:
    Cathy Templin
    Ezra Bacon-Gershman
    Fleur Uittenbogaard
    Mallory Golic

    Committee charge:
    The charge of the group, based on the priorities established by the High School Visioning Committee, is to study the high school daily schedule to accommodate programming related to:
    • College and career readiness
    • Core 24 requirements 
    • Equal access for all students
    • Interventions for students 
    • Student/teacher collaboration and Small Learning Communities (SLC) 
    • Project-based learning
    Recommendations must maintain the integrity of the Freshman Campus Model  and include financial considerations. The final recommendation will be presented to the Superintendent during the 2016-17 school year.

    Committee meetings:
    2016-17 school year:
    September 8
    October 6
    October 20
    November 3
    November 17
    December 1
    January 5
    January 19 (cancelled)
    February 2
    February 16
    March 9 (added)
    March 16
    March 29
    April 6
    April 19
    April 26
    May 3
    May 10
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     HSSAC 5  HSSAC 6
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     Photos from the October 6 High School Schedule Advisory Committee meeting.