Changing Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation requirements have increased from 22 credits to 24 credits, for students who will be graduating in the class of 2019 and beyond, as defined by the E2SSB 6552 law that the state legislature passed in 2014.

    The chart below shows the Snoqualmie Valley School District’s graduation requirements as they pertain to different grade levels. At center are the current requirements for current high school juniors and seniors (Classes of 2017 and 2018), and on the right are the credit requirements for students who are sophomores currently or younger (Class of 2019 and beyond).

    Changing Graduation Requirements
    Changing graduation requirements  
    * Exceeds Washington State requirements for classes of 2017, 2018.
    ** One credit of Algebra 1/Integrated Math 1, one credit of Geometry or Integrated Math 2, and one credit of Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3. A career-oriented math elective may be substituted for Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3 based on Personal Pathway requirement and district approved alternatives.
    *** Personalized Pathway Requirements are courses determined by the District that prepare students for a particular career and education goal chosen by the student/family and specified in their High School and Beyond Plan.

    Find more information under graduation requirements, or contact a high school counselor with specific questions.