Battle of the Books Competition Schedule


    All competitions will take place during lunch recess. Students may bring their lunch into the library during their competition days. 


    Group 1 Captains (Mondays): Ava Goetz, Elyse Bruce, EJ Barasona, Hailey Muchin and River Olsen

    Group 2 Captains (Wednesdays): , Abhi Kadavakollu, Humairah Kazi, Jacob Chen and Aishi Waghray


    Elimination rounds are done in groups of two.  After the second day of elimination rounds, the lowest scoring teams will be eliminated and the remaining teams will begin a new round of eliminations. Each time a new elimination round is started everyone will begin with 0 points.  We will do this until we determine the SES Champs.


    Monday, February 11th                 Group 1 (First Day Meeting and practice)

    Wednesday, February 13th               Group 2 (First Day Meeting and practice)

    Monday, February 25th                 Group 1 (practice only-take pictures for yearbook)

    Wednesday, February 27th               Group 2 (practice only-take pictures for yearbook)

    Monday, March 4th                       Group 1   (practice only)

    Wednesday, March 6th                     Group 2    (practice only)

    Monday, March 11th                     Group 1 (elimination rounds Day 1)  

    Tuesday, March 12th                       Group 2   (elimination rounds Day 1)

    Monday, March 18th                     Group 1 (elimination rounds Day 2)

    Wednesday, March 20th                   Group 2 (elimination rounds Day 2-Top 6 decided)

    Monday, March 25th                     Top 6 (elimination rounds Day 1)

    Wednesday, March 27th                  Top 6 (elimination rounds Day 2- Top 4 decided)                   




    *The 4 teams that make it to this round will be going to the district competition.

    *Field trip permission slips will be sent home on Monday, April 1st.   

    *Permission slips must be returned in order to go to the competition.



    Monday, April 1st                        Top 4 teams Day 1 of elimination

                                                       (Field Trip Permission Slips sent home)

     Wednesday, April 3rd                   Top 4 teams Day 2 of elimination—Top 2 decided                

    Monday, April 8th --12th             Spring Break

    Tuesday, April 16th                    Top 2 teams Day 1 of elimination

    Wednesday, April 17th                   Top 2 teams Day 2 of elimination—SES Champs decided

    Thursday, April 18th                      Meet with SES Champs during lunch to take pictures

                                                       and talk about competition

     Monday, April 22nd                     Pizza Party Invitations will be given out            

     Friday, April 26th                          School Parade through SES hallways:  All battle kids at 9:15


     District competition at CVES: Top 4 teams 10:00 to 11:00

     Pizza party:  All battle kids during their regular lunch time


    A copy of my parent letter explaining the competition in detail can be found on my website.



    Colleen McEldowney

    SES Teacher-Librarian