• Open Enrollment within Snoqualmie Valley School District
    The Open Enrollment period is the time each year when families may request to attend a school other than their home school for the next school year (in-district transfers).  Open Enrollment is only open to students who live within the Snoqualmie Valley School District. 
    (If your student does not live within the Snoqualmie Valley School District boundaries and you'd like to enroll in our district, you will need to apply for a CHOICE transfer not Open Enrollment.)
    You can apply for a transfer to any school within the district that has been determined to be "Open" or has "Limited Variances".  Please note that at elementary or middle schools identified as Limited Variances, there may be specific grade levels within the school that are at enrollment capacity and therefore "Closed" to open enrollment.  Refer to the charts below to determine whether a school is available for a transfer request.  Applications to these schools are not guaranteed acceptance.  If approved through Open Enrollment, your student will attend the new school beginning the first day of school, in the next school year.
    The middle school feeder pattern is as follows:
    • Students who live in the attendance area for Fall City Elementary and Timber Ridge Elementary will attend Chief Kanim Middle School.
    • Students who live in the attendance area for Cascade View Elementary and Snoqualmie Elementary will attend Snoqualmie Middle School.
    • Students who live in the attendance area for Opstad Elementary and North Bend Elementary will attend Twin Falls Middle School.
    2022-2023 Elementary Schools
    Fall City Limited Variances
    Cascade View Limited Variances
    North Bend
    Limited Variances
    Opstad Limited Variances
    Snoqualmie Limited Variances
    Timber Ridge Closed

    2022-23 Secondary Schools
    Chief Kanim Middle School Limited Variances
    Snoqualmie Middle School Limited Variances
    Twin Falls Middle School Limited Variances
    Two Rivers Big Picture High School  Open


    Variances Are Limited

    Due to increasing enrollment and the class size reduction initiative, many grade levels are now closed to new in-district transfers. 


    In schools listed with Limited Variances, if the number of applicants exceeds the available transfer spaces at a particular grade level in a school, the process outlined below will be followed, and a lottery may be conducted after the close of the Open Enrollment period.  The Student Placement Team will maintain a waiting list for those schools if a lottery is necessary.  The process for accepting transfer requests when an open school/grade level receives more requests than the specific number of available spaces at that school is as follows:

    • First priority is given to students previously granted an open enrollment transfer request and currently enrolled in the requested school.
      • This includes families impacted by the 2020-21 K-North boundary change who open enrolled in 2020-21 at TRES and CKMS. Click here for more information.
    • Should spaces remain available, next priority is given to students with a concurrently enrolled sibling at the requested school. Should requests exceed spaces available, a lottery will be conducted.
    • Should spaces remain after consideration of siblings, a lottery will be conducted for the remaining spaces.

    No waiting list will be carried over from year to year.


    Open Enrollment


    Parents are required to provide transportation for their student(s) who attend a school through an open enrollment transfer.  Student(s) must continue to meet his/her school's attendance expectations.  For this information, please refer to your school's Student Handbook.


    The Student Placement office will approve or deny transfers based on:

    •Projected enrollment numbers for the building and specific grade level at the requested school
    •Projected staffing levels
    •Building capacity

    Note: Closed means closed to all new Open Enrollment requests.


    How to apply for Open Enrollment transfer:

    Fill out the Open Enrollment Transfer Form completely (available in Spanish here) and either e-mail it to studentplacement@svsd410.org or print and mail it to the District Office at:

    Snoqualmie Valley School District
    Attn: Student Placement
    PO Box 400
    Snoqualmie WA  98065
    • You may not request a school that has been identified with a "closed" designation unless your student is currently open enrolled there.  Any new request submitted for a closed school will be returned.
    • A separate form is required for each child.
    • The district will notify you whether or not your variance has been approved. Typically, notification will occur within the May/June time frame. However, given the current environment, many placement determinations may not be made until August


    Reminder:  All families who were granted an open enrollment request in the current school must still re-apply if they want to continue to request open enrollment for next year.