Bell Schedule:

    Monday-Thursday: 9:05-3:26pm

    Friday: 9:05-1:26pm  



    If your child is sick or will be absent for any other reason, please be sure to contact the office first thing in the morning so they are aware and the absence can be excused. When possible, I would also appreciate an email so that I am aware of the absence as well. If your child will be absent for an extended amount of time, please let me know in advance so I can prepare materials.  If you are leaving on vacation I will do my best to provide materials, but cannot replace in-class instruction and experience. It is very helpful to know in advance! Please click this link for additional information about our schools attendance guidelines: Timber Ridge Attendance Guidelines

    Attendance Line: 425-831-3859


    Before School

     When students arrive, they will enter the school and line their backpacks in the hallway on the wall outside of our classroom. Students then will go outside to the playground until the first bell rings. This is the procedure whether students are walkers, bus riders, or dropped off by an adult. If students are late to school, they MUST check in at the front office first.



     I will dismiss students 5 minutes before the end of day bell rings to ensure they get to their correct pickup area before the rest of the school is released. In the afternoon, students will stay together as we drop off bus students, then car riders, and finally walkers. In order to prevent confusion, it is important that you stay in the designated spot for your child's method of pickup.


    After School Changes: 

    Please send a note or e-mail if there is a change in after school schedule/pickup/bus. Without a note, I must send students where they are scheduled to go for their safety. After 2:30pm please do not try to contact me with end of day schedule changes. Please call the main office: 425-831-3825 and they will contact me.



    Each day, students will have a few minutes to eat a healthy snack before and after lunch. This will help alleviate those hunger pains that result from using so much brain power! Room 5 is a dairy nut free classroom, please do not send yogurt, cheese or nuts as snacks. 


    Water Bottles:

    Please send your child to school with a FLIP-TOP water bottle each day. This will keep your kiddo hydrated and our classroom free of spills!


    If your child will be buying lunch, it tends to be easier for both kids and families to prepay for lunch online. To load your child’s lunch account with money, please click on this link Online Payments.  If you chose to send in a check or cash to load your child’s account, please place it in an envelope labeled “Lunch Money”, with your child’s first and last name.  



    Please make sure your child comes to school with proper clothing for the weather. As you know, the weather can change very quickly (especially in the fall and winter). I recommend that your kiddo always comes to school with a coat! Please label your child's coat with their name on the inside tag.


    Daily Folder:

    The daily folder will be a great means of communication between school and home. This folder is to come to school each day and will go home each night. All paperwork from me will be in this folder. If you have anything to give to me, please put it in this folder.  Please remind your student to show you this folder each night and I will be asking for them put it in the basket each morning as our morning routine.


    Weekly Newsletter

    I will send out a Weekly Newsletter every Friday via e-mail. It is important that you read the newsletter every week to stay updated on what is going on in class. If I have other important information throughout the week, I will contact you by e-mail.


    At-home practice:

    Kindergarten students work hard at school all day, so homework is not something that will be given on a regular basis. Below are some ideas for at-home practice.

    • Reading 10-15 minutes every night
    • Working on sight words
    • Optional Homework Calendar
    • Online programs- will send home login information when up and running



    Birthdays are a fun and exciting part of life- especially for kindergartners! When it is your child's birthday, please feel free to send a treat to share with the students in our class. Please contact me prior to your child's birthday to discuss the type of treat you would like to share with the classroom. Parents and younger siblings are more than welcome to join us for your child's special birthday celebration. 


    Star of the Week: 

    Every student will get the opportunity to be the Star of the Week one time throughout the school year. When it is your student’s turn, they will bring home a poster to fill out and decorate over the weekend to bring back on Monday. Students will also have the opportunity to bring in a show-and-tell item. I will send home reminders when it is your child’s week!


    Items from Home:

    Toys from home need to stay at home. If they come to school, they will likely get lost and are distracting. If your child is the Star of the Week, this is an exception to the rule and you will know in advance! 


    Photo Opt-Out:

    If you do not want your student to appear in photos on the district/school website, or my classroom website, you must fill out an opt-out form. You can get a form from either the office or district website. Also, please let me know if you will be opting out of photos.


     Behaviors & Whole Brain Teaching: 

    Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) is a research-based teaching system that encourages learning and positive behaviors by involving each part of the brain. Many of the routines and procedures in our class this year will involve motions, repetition, mirroring (students mirror the teacher), and re-teaching to fellow classmates. If you are interested or would like to know more about WBT, please feel free to visit the WBT website (http://wholebrainteaching.com/), contact me with any questions, or swing by our classroom to see our learning in action!