8th - Video Production - In this course students will develop skills used to create Video Presentations for specific purposes.  Students learn to use cameras and digital tools for storytelling and communicating voice. Watching videos, movies and analyzing them offers students opportunity to learn techniques and ideas.  Students produce videos on self selected projects and learn to manage media workflows from start to finish productions.


    1.1.1 Integration - Generate ideas and create original works for personal and group expression using a variety of digital tools.









    Digital Project Showcase - All student projects will be compiled into a showcase/display for other students, teachers, parents to view.

    All Projects:

    2.1.1 Digital Citizenship - Practice personal safety, understand passwords, privacy and anonymity.\

    2.1.2 Digital Citizenship -Practice ethical and respectful behavior.  Identify and cite Creative Commons images in online presentations. Cite sources properly.

    2.2.1 Digital Citizenship - Develop skills to use technology effectively.  Save or backup information to appropriate location, organize and manage files and folders between school, home and online.

    2.3.2 Digital Citizenship - Select and use online applications.  Use interactive online tools to comment, link, post and embed information (e.g. Google Classroom), communicate with teachers and peers.