• College in the High School (CHS) is a cooperative arrangement between local school districts and colleges that allows high school students to earn college credit while simultaneously earning credit for high school in approved high school courses.

    Below is a list of the MSHS courses that are available for college credit.  MSHS teachers will provide students with registration instructions and deadlines after classes commence at the high school.  Students working towards college credit must:

    • Register at the relevant college per teacher instructions.
    • Pay college tuition at the time of registration (rate is discounted from normal college rate).
    • Enrollment and registration information and deadlines are available through MSHS instructor.
    • NOTE:  Credit is given through the college on a college transcript.  To obtain a transcript, follow up with the issuing college or university.


    MSHS Course/College Course
    College Issuing Credit College Credits Earned Course Duration College Fee*
    AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE/BC ENGLISH 101 & 244 Bellevue College 10 Year $200
    AP ENGLISH LITERATURE/BC ENGLISH 101 or 111 & 247 Bellevue College 10 Year $200
    AP EUROPEAN HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 105 & 106 Eastern Washington University 10 Year $325
    AP US HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 110 Eastern Washington University 5 Year $325
    AP WORLD HISTORY/EWU HISTORY 102 & 103 Eastern Washington University 10 Year $325
    UW ASTRONOMY 101 University of Washington 5 Semester $370
    AP BIOLOGY/BC BIOLOGY 160 & 211 Bellevue College 12 Year $200
    CURRENT WORLD PROBLEMS/EWU INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS 200 Eastern Washington University 4 Semester $260
    GERMAN III/UW GERMAN 103 University of Washington 5 Year $325
    SPANISH III/BC SPANISH 123 Bellevue College 5 Year $200
    FRENCH III/BC FRENCH 123 Bellevue College 5 Year $200

     *College fee is assessed by college or university and is subject to change.