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     Important Registration Reminders

    • Late Start / Early Dismissal / Independent Study: Juniors and Seniors may take 6 out of 7 classes next year if they are in good standing and on track for graduation.
      • Colleges will be aware that you had the option to take 7 classes.  If you are concerned, call your potential school's admissions office to determine how that might affect your acceptance.
      • We encourage you to consider being an Office Assistant or a Peer Tutor to get valuable experience and talking points for your college essays instead of a Late Start, Early Dismissal or Independent Study.
    • PE Waivers: Students submitting waivers for community sports participation will not be approved if they have taken an open period option. This includes late arrival, early dismissal, independent study, as well as T.A. and Peer Tutor positions (not including Life Skills Peer Tutor). If you have already submitted and been approved for a community sports waiver and want to sign up for any of these options, you will also be enrolled in a PE course. Please note that these restrictions do not apply to school sports waivers.
    • Teaching Assistants: Students who are interested in becoming a TA should sign up for an alternate course that they would be interested in taking.  Schedule adjustments will be made in the Fall to properly assign students to a TA position.
    • Tutors: Students interested in tutoring should select the tutoring course and they will be assigned to a teacher in the Fall. See the course description book HERE for detailed information about the different tutoring positions we offer.
    • Running Start Students:
      • All Running Start students, new and existing, are required to complete the online MSHS registration process (details below).
      • With the 7 period blocks, taking Running Start and MSHS courses simultaneously is challenging!

    Registration for Running Start Students

    • Watch the video, How to Enter Course Requests, for instructions to enter your course selections in Skyward. 
      • If you intend to participate in RS full time:
        1. Enter the course code RUNALL (Full-Time Running Start).
        2. Select ALTERNATES - enter a full time 7 credit schedule of MSHS courses as alternates.
      • If you will be attending RS part time:
        1. Enter the course code(s) for the MSHS class(es) you wish to take.
        2. If you are planning to take an online course, register for the regular Mt Si course (i.e. if you want to register for online Health, enter Health on your registration form).  Actual registration for online courses will begin when we return to school in the Fall.
        3. Enter the Running Start Part Time course codes (refer to registration form) for the balance of periods you will NOT be at MSHS.
        4. Select ALTERNATES - enter a full time 7 credit schedule of MSHS courses as alternates.
    • Contact the Counseling Center if you have any questions.


    Additional Registration Reference Materials