Big Picture Learning
  • Student Competencies

    Communication and Collaboration

    • Collaboration Milestone— I participate in collaborative discussions with others to deepen my understanding, expand my perspective, and solve problems
    • Understanding Milestone – I construct my understanding about topics through the analysis of multiple, varied, and complex sources.
    • Expression and Representation Milestone – I creatively express myself while adapting to the purpose and audience.
    • Evaluation and Research Milestone – I conduct academic research through the careful analysis of sources using ethical methods.


    Empirical Reasoning

    • Design and Conduct Investigations Milestone – l experience phenomena, make observations, and collect data through investigations.
    • Patterns, Relationships, and Analysis Milestone – I make sense of patterns and relationships in observations and data through representation, analysis, and interpretation.
    • Modeling and Explanations Milestone – I construct models and causal explanations of phenomena using evidence and reasoning.
    • Critique, Argumentation, and Revision Milestone – I revise ideas, models, and explanations through critique and argumentation.


    Quantitative Reasoning

    • Thinking Like A Mathematician – I make sense of phenomena and construct a valid mathematical argument, to convince myself and other people that something is true.
    • Algebra Milestone — I recognize and analyze patterns, study and represent relationships, and analyze how things change.
    • Geometry Milestone – I interpret real world phenomenon using geometric models.
    • Statistics & Probability Milestone — I analyze and interpret data distribution to better understand a real-world phenomenon and see how situations affect chance.


    Social Reasoning

    • Critical Issues and Events Milestone – I analyze past and present events to identify critical issues and make claims about the future.
    • Geography and Environment Milestone – I analyze the interaction between people and their environment to make connections and examine impact.
    • Institutions, Systems, and Government Milestone – I understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals in government.
    • Human Behavior and Expression Milestone – I analyze why people behave the way they do.


    Personal Qualities

    • Wellness Milestone – I look for ways to maintain my health and well-being
    • Integrity Milestone – I exercise my will power to stay committed to long-term goals and seek to learn from challenges.
    • Curiosity Milestone – I look for ways to deeply engage with new ideas and experiences.
    • Equity Milestone – I actively seek ways to demonstrate interest in and acknowledge other people's needs, ideas, and contributions.