A contractual agreement is required when you are hiring an outside consultant for services. Consultants must submit a Form W-9 with their IRS Identification Number or a Social Security Number. A services contractor is NOT a substitute or a regular employee of the district. Any extra hours/assignments for an employee require going through HR.

           All service contracts and agreements are required to have a district purchase order.  Contractual Agreements must be reviewed and approved by the building administrator and the district business office before work can start.

            The fee for consultants is to be a flat rate agreed upon and approved in advance by the building administrator.  Consultants are responsible for making their own lodging and airfare arrangements. Reimbursement for expenses such as supplies, mileage, meals and lodging require prior approval.  Receipts for expenses will be required when claim for payment of this agreement is submitted.

            The full amount paid to the Service Contractor by the district will be reported to the IRS on Form 1099.  When filing a tax return, it is the responsibility of the Service Contractor to deduct from this full amount any expenses incurred.

    Required Forms for District Service Contractors

    Contractual Agreement for Services


    Required Forms for each individual working under the above contract.

    Amendment to the Contractual Agreement for Services Only for existing contracts in the current school year.



    1. Contractor must complete and sign the “Contractual Agreement for Services” form.
    2. The Service Contractor will include a current W-9 if one is not already on file. (The signed W-9 must include the Service Contractor’s Tax Classification, along with their company IRS Identification Number or personal SSN).
    3. The Service Contractor will include the following forms for each individual providing services for the District.
    4. Contract Originator (Administrator) signs contract.
    5. Route original contract, with all required forms, to the business office for review and approval.
    6. Once the contract is approved by all approved signers, a copy will be sent to the Originator to create a Purchase Order. The original will stay with the business office unless otherwise requested.
    7. A copy of the approved contract and Purchase Order will be emailed to the Services Contractor and Contract Originator.
    8. Payment cannot be made until contracted services are complete.  Invoices are required to be mailed or emailed to the district business office by the Services Contractor before payment can be processed.