Information Technology

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    Our Vision...

    Foster exploration and enhance engagement by empowering learners and preparing them for the global community.

    We will support our vision by...

    • Promoting and supporting online learning.
    • Providing access to high quality digital content.
    • Maintaining safe online environments.
    • Striving for equity in digital access.
    • Offering ongoing professional development.
    • Facilitating access to student data.
    • Deploying relevant, innovative technologies.
    • Refreshing infrastructure and communication systems.
    • Delivering timely tech support.

    The Use of Technology in our Schools….

    Technology is no longer just about computer labs and interactive whiteboards. Those are still important, but technology now permeates nearly every aspect of our schools and the pace of change has accelerated dramatically the last few years for adults and students alike. Whether it be purchasing lunch, writing an Individualized Education Plan, checking out a library or textbook, working on an assignment, applying for a job, collaborating on a project, taking an online class, checking grades or attendance, signing up for classes, taking state assessments, filling out a work order, checking a calendar for a sporting event, scheduling a substitute --- one thing is certain in our district, it will include the use of a computer or mobile device!

    The Technology Department is responsible for planning, support, deployment and implementation of computers, software, network infrastructure, voice communications, and a myriad of other systems that support these areas.


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