• Employers

    We will post a job flyer on the Career Center job board.  You may also set up a recuriting table in the Career Center during lunch.  To take advantage of these opportunities a current business license is required.  Jobs may not be home-based or within one-person offices.  No jobs involving commission-only pay or multi-level marketing are allowed.

    Flyer Requirements:

    1. Post and remove dates for flyer
    2. Name and address of business
    3. Contact person
    4. Job title and description
    5. Qualifications
    6. Hours/seasonal/summer
    7. Rate of pay
    8. Age requirement
    9. How to apply

    Email your one-page letter size flyer to Mrs. Ransavage at ransavagek@svsd410.org.



    Looking for a job? Check the job board in the Career Center.  Watch for announcements for when employers are visiting the Career Center during lunch.