Senior High School and Beyond Plan


    Senior High School & Beyond Plan step by step directions

    Weekly Zoom drop in help offered on Wednesdays from 10:40AM-11:10AM.  You may wait a few minutes in the waiting room until it is your turn. 


    LIVE with the 2021 Senior High School and Beyond Plan – recorded 

    The review of Senior High School and Beyond Plans will begin after the end of the first semester.  Update - the review will begin after the new deadline of February 19, 2021.  Checking 480+ accounts will take some time please be patient. 

    The Senior High School and Beyond Plan is designed to help students make informed decisions regarding their future plans.  The project is a valuable experience provided the student selects a career based on serious interest and completes all aspects with a sincere desire to learn.  The presentation provides an opportunity for seniors to share what they have learned with an audience of underclassmen.

    All seniors, including Running Start students, must successfully complete the Senior High School and Beyond Plan during first semester in order to graduate. *** The deadline has been extended to Friday, February 19th, 2021***  

    Project Instructions

    The requirements for the Senior High School and Beyond  Plan are in SVSD High School and Beyond Tools. 

    • To access the portal, navigate to ClassLink-->SVSD HSBP Tools
      • ClassLink sign on directions can be found HERE
    • Under 'Senior High School and Beyond Plan' select Completion Status
    • Under 'Links' select Senior High School and Beyond Plan. This document details all requirements and due dates