• Release Calendar Instructions


    In order to minimize the impact on classrooms and to best ensure appropriate substitute coverage, the District continues to maintain a Release Calendar for SVEA where we limit the number of employees on release each day to 10 certificated staff members. If you are interested in taking a release day for a special conference, release time granted via the SVEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, or other related activity, the process is outlined below. This isn’t a change in the previous process; merely a reminder of the steps to take.


    Step 1—check the Release Calendar

    1. Go to the Staff tab on the district website.
    1. Under Human Resources, click the SVEA Staff Release Calendar. Find the day of the week you wish to use for your release time. If it says closed or full it means you are not able to take that day off. If the day is blank or shows X out of 10 filled, then there is space available. Note: move quickly! Spaces fill up daily and the status of a given day may change in a matter of minutes.


    Step 2—if space is available, contact building secretary

    1. Building Secretary will:
      1. Confirm with Principal the need for release
      2. Contact HR to have you added to Release Calendar, providing staff name and reason
    2. HR will respond to Building Secretary that request has either been approved or denied. If approved, see below. If denied, choose a different available date if possible. If the date is not flexible, check the calendar frequently as cancellations do occur, possibly making space for your request at a later time.


    Step 3—if approved

    1. Enter absence in Skyward and Absence Management. Be sure to enter as Release Time and include the appropriate account code. If you need an account code contact your Building Secretary.



    1. Your use of a Release Day is only confirmed by following these steps and being notified that you have been approved for a Release Day.
    2. If you no longer need the release day, be sure to notify your Building Secretary so your spot can be used for another staff member. The Building Secretary will notify HR. If you have already entered the absence in Skyward and Absence Management, be sure to go in and cancel the absence.