• Quaver is an online curriculum free to Opstad Elementary students. 

    How kids grades 3-5* can log into their accounts:

    1) Go to www.quavermusic.com

    2) Click on "Log In" in the upper right.

    3) The user name is as follows:  [FirstName][Last Initial][last 3 digits of their student ID number(lexia number)]  The password is their ID # plus 2 zeros at the end. Capitals don't matter.

               For Example, if I'm a student and my ID number is 615974:

                                     Quaver User Name:  CarolS974

                                     Quaver Password:  61597400

    *If your child was absent during music and has not logged in yet this year, they will need a special code.- Email me with their name and teacher and I will send it to you!

    Quaver Notes

    Quavermusic.com puts out a monthly code which gives them 100 "quavernotes" they can use to spend at the store.  For January it's "NewYears2020"  They can only enter it in once. No spaces, caps don't matter.

    How to Enter the Code for QuaverNotes     

    There are two ways to do this:

                 1) At the log in they can enter the code on the bottom right before they hit Enter.
                 2) Click on your avatar. Then My Account-->Enter Quaver Code


    If you are having any trouble logging in to Quaver at home, please email me at spencerc@svsd410.org.

    -Carol Spencer