World Language Competency-based Credit Program


    "Our goal is to develop a system that supports any bilingual student to receive world language credits by demonstrating language proficiency."  (OSPI)


    What is World Language Competency-based Credit Program?

    The World Language Credit Program is a way to earn high school credits for a language you already know.  Bilingual students may earn up to four World Language credits towards graduation if they demonstrate language proficiency on an OSPI-approved language competency test.


    Students are encouraged to continue a study of world languges in high school after obtaining competency-based credit.  Highly competitive four-year colleges and universities like to see three to four years of high school world language study, including World Language Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses.


    Language Competency Testing

    Students in grades 8 through 12 will have two opportunities to test during their Snoqualmie Valley School District journey.  Testing will be offered annually in either the fall or spring of each year.  Stay tuned by reading our school and district newsletters and checking this website for our next informational meeting and testing opportunity.


    Testing Resources

    Click HERE to access:

    • A list of languages and the assessment used by SVSD to assess proficiency
    • Links to practice tests
    • Proficiency levels on Washington state world language competency testing & average time required to reach world language proficiency levels
    • Sample assessment benchmarks and rubric guide
    • Comparison of European language assessments to Washington state world language proficiency tests


    Determine If You Qualify

    Heritage/Bilingual students in grades 8 through 12 qualify for testing.  If you can answer "Yes, I can do this fairly easily" to each statement in a language other than english, then ... (click here to continue)


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