Translation and Interpretation Services

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    You are an important part of your child’s education. The Snoqualmie Valley School District provides limited English proficient parents with information, in their own language, so they can make informed decisions about their children's education. This includes interpretation and translation services for vital meetings and communications.  If you receive information that is not in your language, please let the school know you would like it translated in writing or explained orally to you in your language. For further assistance with translation or interpretation services please contact Monica Phillips, Director of Equity & Categorical Services or email us at


    When is translation and interpretation required?

    School districts in Washington State are required by law to provide translated materials for their non-English speaking families in languages that exceed 5% of their student population. While the Snoqualmie Valley School District does not have a language group that reaches the 5% threshold, most of our non-English speaking families speak Spanish, Russian, and Urdu.  At this time, the District is working to translate non school-specific documents that are common across all schools or a particular grade level into these three languages.

    For those languages in which we do not have translations, we are to make a sincere effort to provide communication in the home language. In the SVSD:

    • The Communication Department is responsible for translation services intended for District-wide distribution.
    • The ELL Department is responsible for interpretation and translation services provided for program-related communications to ELL students and families.
    • The Special Education department is responsible for interpretation services at IEP meetings.
    • Schools are responsible for  interpretation and translation services intended for announcements or forms created by an individual building or staff member.


    How does the Snoqualmie Valley School District meet these needs?

    Translation/Interpretation Services

    Additional Translation & Interpretation Service Options