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Remote Continuous Learning

  • Below you'll find:

    • Continuous Learning Plans
    • Grading Information
    • Schoology Instructions/Tips
    • Additional Educational Resources


    Continuous Learning Plans

    Each week, SVSD teachers are posting new learning activities and assignments for students. Every Monday morning, be sure to check Schoology and/or look for email from your teachers.

    • For grades K-5, elementary teachers provide new information each Friday afternoon at 4 p.m., either via email or posted in Schoology.
    • For grades 6-12, secondary teachers post new learning assignments each Monday morning, by 8 a.m., in Schoology.  (Since April 6, assignments have been graded to count toward second semester grades. On April 20, 6-12 students started a new schedule with teachers conducting online remote class periods to present new content and connect with students as a class. Plus, extra help sessions with teachers are available by appointment.)


    Final Teaching & Learning update for the 2019-20 School Year: click here

     (For previous Continuous Learning Updates, click here for a log of all district updates since schools closed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.)


    Do you need help with joining the virtual classes for grades 6-12?  Each teacher will post how they are holding these virtual classes on their Schoology page.  If you do not see these instructions, please email your teacher.


    Grading Information for this Spring

    Click here the SVSD Grading Information, adjusted for the pandemic school closures; this update was shared April 29, following guidelines from OSPI. Additionally, Superintendent Rob Manahan shared this video message regarding grading on May 21.


    Communicating Remote Learning Activities with Schoology

    As we continue with the school closures, schoolwork and information is being shared by teachers on Schoology.  We encourage parents to create their own Schoology account to access the information that is being shared with students.

    • Each student has one unique access code that parents need to create a Schoology account.
    • Please email one of your student’s teachers and they can provide the unique student access code for your student.
    • NOTE: You do not need a code for each course your student is taking, but you do need an access code for each SVSD student in your household.

    Parent Schoology Tip Sheet

    Download a Schoology Parent Tip Sheet HERE for help with:

    • Creating A Parent Schoology Account
    • Viewing Student Schoology Account(s) & Adding Additional Students
    • Navigating Schoology
    • Signing Up for Parent Notifications About Student Activity & Assignments

    Student “How To” Guide

    Technology Issues

    With schools across the nation suddenly turning to online learning platforms, education technology companies are experiencing high traffic volumes. Schoology is reporting there may occasionally be intermittent issues as it works to increase its site stability and capacity. If you experience an error in loading a page, refreshing the page once or twice should help resolve the issue. 


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