• Instrucciones de traducción - Translation Instructions in Spanish

    Инструкции по переводу - Translation Instructions in Russian

    Translation Instructions in Urdu - ترجمے کی ہدایات

    Translating Webpages in Snoqualmie Valley School District Websites

    All Snoqualmie Valley School District website pages contain a Google translation tool in the upper right-hand corner that converts website content into another language.

    • Click ‘Translate’.
    • Click the arrow down button next to ‘Select Language’ to select the language of your choice.

     Webpage Translation Image

    Translating Emails Using Google Translate

    Click here http://translate.google.com or type ‘Google Translate’ into your web browser’s search field.  NOTE:  You do not need a Google account to use Google Translate.

    1. Click ‘Text’ in the upper left corner.
    2. Copy the email content you want to translate and paste it into the white space shown below.
    3. Click on the arrow down button on the right half of the screen to select the language into which you want to translate the text.

     Google Translate - Text

    Translating Documents Using Google Translate

    In Google Translate:

    1. Click ‘Documents’ in the upper left corner of Google Translate.
    2. Click ‘Browse your computer’ to select the document you want to translate.
    3. Click on the arrow down button on the right half of the screen to select a language.

    Google Translate - Document

    Translating Schoology & Skyward Family Access Using Google Chrome Browser

    • From Google Chrome, go to the application sign in screen (link to Family Access; link to Schoology).
    • Right click on an empty space in the page and click ‘Translate to English’.
    • In the pop-up window that appears in the upper right corner of the screen, click on the 3 vertical dots to open the language options menu (see below), and click ‘Choose another language’.

    Google Translate - Application

    • Click on the downward facing arrow to select a language, then, click ‘Translate’.
    • Log into Skyward Family Access.
    • Right click on an empty space again, then, click on ‘Translate to…‘.


    For more information and the Snoqualmie Valley School Districts translation and interpretation services, visit our website at https://www.svsd410.org/Page/8527.  You may also email us at  languages@svsd.org for additional assistance.