• Guidance for Returning to In-Person Teaching & Learning


    SVSD is one of many school districts in Washington State that has made the difficult decision to start the 2020-2021 school with distance learning for all students. To help school districts decide when to transition from remote/distance learning back into physical classrooms, the Washington State Department of Health released guidance on August 5, 2020, for assessing COVID risk factors.  In partnership with public health, districts will need to consider a variety of factors including health risks to students, school staff and the community; COVID-19 transmission rates in the region; safety precautions; testing/response protocols; educational benefits; and staff availability. Our district will work closely with local public health officials to monitor conditions for when we will transition to in-person learning.    


    Resource:  Decision Tree for Provision of In-Person Learning among K-12 Students at Public and Private Schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic (also, see graphic below) - Updated October 16, 2020, Washington State Dept. of Health


    Extensive safety precautions will be implemented when students return to at-school learning.  To learn what to expect upon returning, including new requirements for anyone at school, please carefully read our  Return-to-School Safety Handbook for Families.  (This online resource will continue to be updated as guidance evolves regarding COVID-19 prevention and response.)

Decision Tree