• Special Education Services

    On September 1, our new Executive Director of Student Services Nicole Fitch hosted a webinar to introduce herself and provide an update regarding services during the current Distance Learning 2.0 model. To watch a recording of the September 1 webinar, click here: https://vimeo.com/454186179 (It's approximately 1 hour.)

    ADDED 9/14/20:  Explore Frequently Asked Questions that were submitted during and prior to the webinar above.


    Following OSPI’s guidance, special education services will look different than they do when we are following our typical in-building schedules.

    Teachers and therapists will work collaboratively with families to ensure the following:

    • There is time planned throughout the week to deliver service minutes in the Independent Education Plan (IEP).
    • The student’s least restrictive environment is maintained:
      • Time spent with general education peers should not decrease as a result of a hybrid or full remote model.
      • The student, regardless of service, has meaningful access to peers without disabilities.
      • Participates in on-grade level class virtual/zoom meetings such as the morning meeting, content delivery, social emotional lessons, and college and career supports.
    • Participates in whole and small group work with general education peers.
    • Changes to how the student is served (the modality) takes into consideration the student’s special education needs.
    • Progress towards IEP goals is monitored at the same frequency as outlined in the IEP.
    • Progress monitoring data is reviewed frequently and the IEP team meets if there is an indication that the student is not making progress.


    Given the general education schedules, teams, including families, should use the following considerations and guiding questions when planning for the delivery of services:

    • Are there opportunities to increase inclusive practices by partnering with general education teachers?
    • What services can be provided in the general education setting?
    • How can therapists partner with the special education teachers to provide services aligned to classroom activities and academic content?


    For learners receiving special education services, what opportunities can be planned to provide access to students without disabilities?

    • Morning meeting and end of day routines
    • Social Emotional Learning activities
    • Science and Social Studies activities
    • College and Career activities
    • Brain breaks
    • Electives

    Special Education Timelines

    Regardless of service delivery model (hybrid or full remote), special education timelines remain in place and all days in which students are engaged in learning are counted as school days for the purposes of special education timelines. If parents/guardians approve, teams can convene for meetings via video conferencing. Districts are still held accountable to federal compliance timelines during the school closures.


    Special Education Evaluations

    As teams plan for completing initial and tri-annual evaluations, IEP teams must determine what assessments need to be conducted face-to-face and what assessments can be administered remotely. More information to come as we determine the availability of normed assessments that we can administer online. Districts are still held accountable to federal timelines to meet compliance requirements for evaluations.