• District Supported Tools for Remote Learning



    What is it used for in remote learning?

    ClassLink Launchpad


    • Single sign-on for district sponsored applications and systems.  
    • Provides a single sign-on portal to access district sponsored remote learning tools.



    • Calendar
    • Announcements
    • Zoom
    • Materials posted
    • Assignments posted
    • Gradebook (6-12)
    • Google Drive
    • Office 365 / OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Discussion Boards
    • Immersive
    • Use the Schoology calendar for due dates and schedule.
    • Upload pre-recorded (asynchronous) video content or links made by teacher or other curriculum materials including supplemental material from Edgenuity.
    • Add vocabulary and image definitions.
    • Provide feedback to video, text or document upload assignments.
    • Discussion boards, assignments and quizzes to utilize questioning models to assess and respond to student learning.
    • Welcome page with published online expectations.
    • Display Zoom office hours to establish regular check in times and support.
    • Assign predetermined tasks that support collaboration.
    • Zoom/Team video meeting links shared on weekly “at a glance” schedule and calendar.


    Accessed through ClassLink Portal https://launchpad.classlink.com/svsd410 or directly at https://lms.svsd410.org/



    • Live video Conferencing
    • Sharing screen with computer audio
    • Chat features
    • Breakout rooms for collaboration
    • Schoology integration
    • Single sign-on supported
    • Zoom screen sharing with computer video and audio for unpacking learning targets and content.
    • Zoom class meetings for building classroom community.
    • Zoom screen sharing and lesson demonstrations for sharing content.
    • Webcam sharing for content sharing and small group work.
    • Share documents and links within Zoom for collaboration.
    • Use Zoom chat for clarifying questions and interaction.
    • Zoom polling to inquire about student learning and assessment.
    • Zoom screen sharing to share student work and exemplars.
    • Zoom breakout rooms for student collaboration and teacher feedback.
    • Zoom for interactive questions and discussions.


    Accessed through Schoology. Teachers have the ability to place meeting links directly into Schoology. Students will have accounts, but will not be able to initiate meetings, only join teacher meetings as authenticated users.

    Collaboration, Productivity and Feedback Tools


    • Gsuite/Office 365
    • Forms
    • Flipgrid
    • Kami
    • Schoology
    • Padlet (6-12)
    • Flipgrid for clear prompts and directions.
    • Flipgrid videos for shows/models and asks students to make connections/observations/wonderings.
    • Flipgrid for student reflections.
    • Forms and documents for work completion and submission through Schoology.
    • Kami allows online PDF annotations and documents including video, audio, text, and inking.
    • Padlet for discussion and organization of ideas.
    • Productivity tools in Office and Gsuite for collaboration and assignment completion.


    Most, if not all, will be accessed in the ClassLink Single Sign-On Portal.



    Elementary Online Programs


    English Language Arts


    STREAM/Cluster Group