• Health & Safety Protocols

    The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Our district regularly reviews guidance from state and county health departments, as well as the state Department of Labor & Industries, to update the district’s safety plan, since pandemic guidance continues to evolve.  Although Snoqualmie Valley schools will begin with distance learning, here are some of the key safety measures (from our Health and Safety plan), that will be in place when reopening our schools for in-person teaching and learning:

    Health Screenings

    Health screenings will be conducted for all staff and students before or upon their arrival to school. Parents/guardians will be asked to screen students for symptoms and take their student’s temperature each day prior to sending students to a school building or school bus. Any person, including parents, students, and staff, who enters a district facility will have to attest that they do not have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19.  Attestation will be done through an app and will be a requirement for attendance.  For those who become ill at school, each school will have a designated isolation area for possible cases and will follow steps to limit exposure when situations arise.

    Cloth Face Coverings

    Per the Department of Health, everyone in a school building, on school grounds or on a school bus is required to wear a face covering, with specific exemptions identified in the guidance.  We ask that families provide their students with their own face coverings.  In the event that a student’s face covering is soiled, lost or damaged, SVSD will also maintain a supply of extra masks for students.  

    Physical Distancing and Grouping

    Per OSPI’s Safety and Health Requirements for Reopening Washington Schools, our district will limit capacity and implement protocols to maintain a minimum separation as recommended by state and county health departments between all employees, students, and others to the maximum extent feasible. Building-specific strategies to increase physical distancing may include:

    • Rearranging desks/tables to maximize the space between students
    • Keeping students in cohorts/clusters to the maximum extent possible
    • Managing traffic flows in hallways
    • Limiting access to only essential visitors
    • Modifying activities where students are likely to be in close contact

    Sanitation, Cleaning and Disinfection

    Cleaning in our schools will be increased, ventilation maximized, and good hygiene practices promoted.  Increased cleaning will focus on areas between groups and common touch areas.  Hygiene will be emphasized by encouraging frequent hand washing and providing hand sanitizer where needed.  Ventilation will be set to maximize outside airflow and utilize high efficiency filters. Cleaning and disinfection protocols for a probable case of COVID-19 will comply with CDC recommendations.


    Our SVSD Health and Safety Plan outlines protocols for risk reduction strategies that work together as part of a multi-layered defense approach to reduce exposure and limit transmission of COVID-19 at school.  This plan is guiding the safety precautions and response protocols that will be in place at all of our schools and district offices.  It is important to note the success of this plan will depend on the collaboration of our entire school community to follow these steps. Working together, to protect one another, will ensure the best chance for our school buildings to remain open for face-to-face instruction.