• School Supplies



    UPCOMING EVENT:  Free School Supplies Available September 1, 2, 3, (9 a.m.-12 p.m., and 4-7 p.m.) sponsored by the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank and Mt. Si Lutheran Church.  No registration is needed. All who need supplies are welcome!  Click here for event details.



    Most students will be able to complete learning tasks using a district-issued device and supplies commonly found at home. Supplies recommended for most students include:

    • Stylus batteries (AAAA)
    • An extra stylus (as these are easy to lose or break)


    Please monitor teacher and school communications at the beginning of the school year for more information about grade-level or course needs. Depending on the grade level and content area, some teachers may assemble individual kits for students to use during remote learning after school begins in the fall with items such as:

    • Novels or books
    • Art supplies
    • Manipluatives


    6-12 Math supplies needed:



    Middle School

    Scientific Calculator (recommended TI 30 X II S)

    Paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, highlighters,

    Graph paper (smaller grid is better than larger grid)

    Optional: Small white board and dry erase markers


    Scientific calculator, graph paper, protractor with ruler base (like the one pictured below) OR any protractor and ruler

    Algebra 2

    TI-84+ calculator (recommended to check one out from MSHS unless the student is planning on taking Pre-Calculus and Calculus)

    Pre-Calculus & Calculus

    TI-84+ calculator (or better) graphing calculator – graphing apps on a phone or computer are not allowed on the SAT or AP exams