• 504 Plans/Accommodations

    UPDATE:  On September 1, our new Executive Director of Student Services Nicole Fitch hosted a webinar to introduce herself and provide an update regarding services during the current Distance Learning 2.0 model. She also worked to address some common questions that were submitted by families in a survey, prior to the online event.  To watch a recording of the September 1 webinar, please click here: https://vimeo.com/454186179 (It's approximately 1 hour.)


    Teams must collaborate with families to determine how 504 plans can be implemented within the hybrid and/or full remote learning models. The following questions should be considered:

    1. Can the current accommodations be met within the hybrid and/or full remote learning model?
    2. Are there changes to the current accommodations that need to be made, based on disability, to meet the student's needs and ensure access to instruction?


    After these questions have been asked and answered, 504 plans can be modified to reflect any needed changes. 504 plans must then be shared with all teachers providing instruction to the student throughout the school day.

    504 Evaluations

    Regardless of service delivery model (hybrid or full remote), 504 timelines remain in place and all days in which students are engaged in learning are counted as school days for the purposes of 504 timelines. As a reminder, 504 plans must be reviewed annually and re-evaluations conducted every three years.

    • If parents/guardians approve, teams can convene for meetings via video conferencing.