• Multilingual Services

    Our English Learner (EL) students will be supported through content-based, Supportive Mainstream instructional model. In this model, teachers, in collaboration with EL specialists, will provide both direct language instruction and customized core content instruction in the classroom setting. Classroom teachers facilitate whole group, small group and individual support using Sheltered Instruction strategies, such as Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design)Services can be provided synchronously (live, scheduled) or asynchronously (independent tasks), with the emphasis being on more synchronous interactions with students at the emerging level.

    Additional services will be differentiated based on language levels of the students, prioritizing direct services to EL students at the emerging level, to include:



    At elementary schools:

    • EL Specialists will work within the school's Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) schedule to provide and/or facilitate language interventions for students most in need.
      • Providing small group (5-8 students) synchronous lessons, for students at the Emerging level, using available digital tools, outside of core instruction, focused on the language acquisition and development needed to engage in core lessons.
      • Supporting classroom teachers in using sheltered instructional strategies to personalize the learning of students at Progressing and Proficient levels.
    • EL Specialists will develop language scaffolds for lessons in core content areas in collaboration with general education teachers for both synchronous and asynchronous settings.



    At middle and high schools:

    • A certificated teacher teaches an English Language Development class for  beginning students and academic support classes for intermediate and long-term English learners.
      • This class will use available digital tools, outside of core instruction, focuses on building student proficiency in oral language development, explicit instruction in the structure of the English language, and academic language development through reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
    • EL teachers will support classroom teachers in using sheltered instructional strategies to personalize the learning of students at Progressing and Proficient levels.
    • EL specialists will provide professional development and/or coaching support to teachers providing accommodations for EL students.
    • We are creating videos and guides for families on how to access and engage with virtual work in English and home languages.
    • EL families will be provided with a liaison in their school to help monitor and support their student’s needs.


    Multilingual Family Engagement

    Snoqualmie Valley School District (SVSD) is working to provide support to multilingual families in the areas of communication, translation and cultural competency. This work includes efforts in every school to engage all students and families.

    • Fall Family Connection Meeting will be held 1:1 with teachers, students and parents/guardians sharing available supports, resources, and services to ensure students and families have what they need to be successful in the online learning environment.
    • Monthly Zoom Support Meetings will be offered in the evenings, with Spanish translators present, to answer questions and provide additional support to EL families.
    • Weekly Tutoring Sessions will occur in conjunction with Snoqualmie Valley community partnerships and the Mount Si high school World Language department.
    • At-Home Learning Resources will be provided to our emerging and progressing students to support learning at home.


    Translation and Interpreter Services 

    SVSD provides limited English proficient parents with information in their own language so that they can make informed decisions about their child's education. This includes providing interpretation and translation services for vital meetings and communications. An interpreter may be requested to help communicate either over the phone or during face-to-face conferences.  An interpreter can be requested by a parent/guardian or by an SVSD staff member.  Please notify your school office secretary or child's teacher if you would like to use an interpreter, and s/he will make arrangements.  

    Additionally, to ensure two-way communication with families who do not speak English at home, we have updated website translation tools, created links to translated resources, are now sending emergency call-out audio/email notifications in Spanish, and have a new multi-lingual texting tool. Please see the following reference for tips on how to translate our website, an email or other text, a document, and Skyward/Schoology.



    For more translation information, visit our webpage or email Mackenzie Fitting at fittingm@svsd410.org for assistance.