• Responsible Use Guidelines & Digital Citizenship

    Snoqualmie Valley School District wants to support the best use of technology for teaching and learning.  We value the partnership of parents and caregivers when learning occurs outside of the school building, and we acknowledge the added responsibility inherent when using technology devices for remote learning.  As an important reminder, all students and adults using Snoqualmie Valley School District technology platforms must adhere to the expectations set forth in the Snoqualmie Valley Responsible Use Procedure.  


    In general, students and adults should be sure to:

    • Use respectful behavior and language.  
    • Stick to school appropriate use of systems, including discussions, emails, posts, and submissions.
    • Recognize the technology system is provided to accomplish school related work and research.
    • Send only school appropriate video or picture transmissions.  
    • Use only appropriate icon, emoji, and avatar submissions.
    • Wear school appropriate clothing when attending video meetings via Zoom or Teams.
    • Be honest and demonstrate academic integrity by not plagiarizing or copying others’ work.
    • Not falsify information about oneself or impersonate others online.
    • Be careful what, if any, information is shared online.


    Snoqualmie Valley School District resources are provided exclusively to support school-related activities and work. Email communication, device history, and data is archived and retrievable. These are not personal, private devices or systems.