• Mission

    Our mission is to foster academic growth, enhance personal social development and increase knowledge in the areas of college, career and citizenship.  In collaboration with other educators, parents/guardians and the community, we seek to build on student strengths and provide support so that each student will flourish and lead a successful life.  

    Support and Services

    • School Counseling Core Curriculum: classroom instruction and group activities that promote academic, career, and social/emotional development
    • Individual Student Planning: activities that assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans
    • Responsive Services: activities that meet the immediate needs and concerns of students via individual or small-group counseling, crisis response, consultation/collaboration, or referrals
    • System Support: schoolwide program planning and activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the counseling program 

    Contact Us

    • To request an appointment, please call 425-831-8150
    • Please visit the Contact  tab for counselor emails and contact information