Benefits of Online Learning

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  • Online Learning

    What Students & Parents are saying …

     "Thanks for your support and weekly messages - as a parent, I felt 100% connected."


    "You were a great support for my student."


    “My favorite thing is that I can do it at my own pace whenever I want. I also love the way that the website is laid out. Super easy.”


    “I like how it adds almost a free space in my schedule, making it easier for me to have a small break and process my day so far.”


    “My favorite thing about my course is the layout and how much time they give us to finish our tasks.”


    "I like my online course because I know all the assignments that will be assigned throughout the semester.


    " I like that I get to choose when I do the course. If I am not feeling up to the course one day, I am able to skip a day and get caught up the next. I also really like my teacher. She has been very helpful and supportive."


    "My favorite part of online classes is the flexibility in being able to control your own schedule. It allows me to carefully weigh priorities and plan out the day, as well as grants a sense of freedom and individuality."


    “The thing I love about my course is that I can move at my own pace. If I want to get ahead I totally can, which is nice.”



    2020-2021 Stats at a Glance

     Blended Program

    • Completion Rate: 97%
    • Passing Rate*: 99%


  • Flexible Schedule:

    Learn when it is convenient for you!  A typical online course will require a student to work approximately 300 minutes per week each week of the semester (AP and some World Language courses will require more).  This can be a combination of online and offline time, depending on the course.  Students who are taking their courses during the 7 period day benefit from utilizing class time in addition to time outside of the school day that works with their schedule.  Students who are taking their course from home get to set their own schedule.


    Set Your Own Pace:

    Each semester course is designed to take 90 hours of coursework.  You choose your pace and can progress faster or slower as your ambitions, schedule and learning needs dictate.  No more scrambling to catch up with the rest of the class or feeling frustrated because you were ready to move forward before the rest of the class. All students are expected to make progress each week and can finish the online course any time on or before the set end date.


    Get Help When You Need It:

    Online teachers are available each school day.  You can reach your online teacher by email/webmail, phone or book a meeting.  You can also join Class Connect/Office Hours and Live Lessons** each week.  If the Live Lesson schedule does not work for you, don't worry, you can access the recorded lesson in your course content any time that works for you.  **Most core courses have 2 Lives per week and most elective courses have 1 Live per week.


    Onsite Mentor:

    MSHS has an onsite mentor that serves as your advocate, stays up-to-date on student progress and reaches out to students & parents/guardians if a student is struggling or not making progress.  Your mentor is available in person or virtually for course support.  The mentor also serves as your test proctor to ensure program integrity.  


    Record of Success:

    MSHS Online Learning Program has a much higher success rate than other online programs because our unique model takes a team approach.  Our team includes the student and their family partnering with the school counseling team, the online program coordinator, and the online teachers.

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