Safety & Prevention Strategies

  • Masks Required:  Face coverings are required on all campuses and all buses.


    Personal/Hand Hygiene:  Hand washing will be encouraged and required throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout school buildings. Students may also bring hand sanitizer for personal use in their backpack.


    Physical/Social Distancing:  Physical distancing will be required while on school district property, where possible. Hybrid schedules accommodate fewer students at school at the same time, and allows more space to maintain social distancing.


    Movement Logistics:  Scheduling, hallway transitions, grouping students/cohorts, assigned seating, and drop off/pick-up procedures are designed to help manage movement and limit transmission opportunities.


    Limit Shared Items:  Students need to bring their assigned computing device to and from school every day they attend in person, along with a personal water bottle (labeled with their name).


    Signage:  Safety guidance is displayed prominently throughout buildings to direct movement, promote distancing 6 feet apart, and to help teach good hygiene.


    Site Modifications: Changes to the physical learning environment include adjusting classroom setup for 6 feet between seated students/staff, improving ventilation, adding barriers for office staff, and prioritizing use of water fountains for filling water bottles.


    Cleaning & Sanitization:  Schools and classrooms are cleaned throughout the day as needed, with special attention to high-touch areas. Classrooms, bathrooms, and health rooms will be disinfected nightly. Buses will be sanitized between student groups, and disinfected nightly.


    Daily Health Screening & Attestation:  All students and staff need to check temperatures at home, and complete a daily health screening before leaving for school or riding a bus.  Students will complete a digital questionnaire via email or text, on days of in-person learning on campus. (A non-digital option will also be available at schools.)


    Limiting Access:  Essential visitors are allowed to our schools by appointment only. Visitors (who are not staff or students) will need to use a QR code posted at each entrance to complete a health screening and attestation, prior to entering a school or district building.


    Excluding Potentially Ill Students:  A student exhibiting any sign/symptom of potential COVID-19 illness should not come to school. Staff will take care to monitor the health of students throughout the day. Students with symptoms will be excluded from school and not allowed to return until they are cleared by their school nurse.  


    Monitoring Illness:  Daily screening data and attendance will help our health and safety teams assess the health of our school community. School nurses will verify individual timelines for when students or staff may return after illness or quarantine.


    Isolation “Care” Room:  Each school has designated a room where a student who becomes ill at school with COVID-19 symptoms will await a ride home, under safe supervision, but separate from other students. The parent/guardian of a student with symptoms will be called immediately and is expected to pick up their child from school right away.


    COVID-19 Site Coordinators:  Every school has a trained COVID-19 Site Coordinator who is prepared to respond to a health concern at the school, in partnership with their building response team, district safety manager, and public health.  


    Contact Tracing:  In the event of an exposure to a positive case, our schools will assist public health with contact tracing research and interviews related to time potentially spent at school or on a bus, to identify others who may have been in close contact.


    Communication: The district will work closely with public health to follow guidance around communication, while protecting the privacy of individuals.  In the event of a positive case at a school facility, individuals who had close contact will be notified privately and confidentially, with instructions to begin a required quarantine.  Additional communication will be provided as directed by Public Health – Seattle & King County.


    Parent/Guardian Partnership:  Families play a vital role in helping keep all students safe, which will contribute to helping keep our schools open. Please read this guidebook thoroughly. Refer to the Parent/Guardian Checklist for important steps you can take now to prepare.