Before School & Mask Expectations

  • Before School

    • A parent/guardian needs to assess their student’s health and take their student’s temperature at home each morning.
    • Complete the health screen/attestation questions -- prior to leaving for school or bus – each day a student attends school in-person. 
      • If your student exhibits any symptoms of potential illness or does not pass the attestation, keep them home. (New public health guidelines for when to keep students home are much more stringent, requiring students with ANY potential ill symptoms to stay home.)
      • Call your School Attendance Line to report all absences.
    • Students must wear a properly fitting face covering at school and on the bus.
    • Students should bring:
      • Computing device – bring their assigned device to and from school every day
      • Smart Tag Card (coming soon…for students who ride a bus)
      • Personal water bottle labeled with their name
      • Extra mask (wear one and pack a spare)
      • Personal hand sanitizer (optional – at least 60% alcohol is recommended)


    Mask Expectations

    • Masks are required on all campuses and buses.
      • There are limited exceptions to this rule, in which case, the School Site Coordinator should be made aware, before the start of school, of any families expecting that their student will not be wearing a mask. Each case will be reviewed, and students may be given a remote learning assignment as an alternative.
    • Families are responsible for supplying their student’s face coverings. (Face masks will be available to those in need.)
    • Masks should fit properly - snug (aim for no gaps) to cover the nose bridge, mouth, chin.
    • Masks should not have any vents or valves. Refer to CDC mask guidelines. (Also see flyer below.)
    • Label cloth face coverings with your student’s name, and mark the inside vs. outside (if not obvious) so your student will wear it properly after lunch.
    • “Mask breaks” will be given as needed and under advised safety considerations/conditions.
    • Students should bring extra masks in their backpack in case they need to be changed during the day.
    • Parents should wash student’s mask daily each evening.


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