During the Day - Arrival / Classrooms / Hallways / Dismissal

  • Arrival:

    • Drop off procedures will be adapted for each school location to support social distancing and may support a staggered entrance into a school building.
    • The elementary schedule supports a staggered arrival, to avoid lines/crowding in the morning. Students should proceed to their classroom, while maintaining distance from others.
    • Secondary students need to maintain social distancing and proceed directly to their first class. Gathering in groups will not be permitted.


    Classrooms Expectations:

    • Students and staff are required to wear masks during the school day.
    • Student desks or tables have been placed to allow six feet between seated students and staff.
    • Seating may be assigned to limit shared spaces.
    • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing will be encouraged.
    • Students should not share devices, food or drinks.
    • Sharing school supplies will be limited where possible.
    • Students should be sent to school dressed in layered warm clothing, as windows and doors will be open as much as possible to support increased ventilation.



    • The school day has been structured to limit student movement through the hallways.
    • When hallways are used, passing will be brief and students encouraged to physically distance.
    • When lining up, physical distancing will be maintained, when possible. If not possible, any waiting and transitions will be kept to the minimum time.


    School Dismissal:

    • Students riding a bus home may depart their school at staggered times to limit crowding, and will maintain distancing when possible.
    • Parents/guardians picking up students should remain in vehicles in the pick-up area, until their student comes to them. (Staff members will supervise young students.)
    • Adults who want to walk their elementary student home, please maintain social distancing while you wait outside in designated walking pickup areas.
    • Secondary students will be expected to go directly from their last class to their bus or car to leave campus or walk home. Social gatherings after school will not be permitted.