Recess / Gym Expectations

  • Recess:

    • Masks are expected to be worn during recess and students should bring an extra mask to school in their backpack in case one gets wet.
    • Students will be encouraged to maintain physical distancing while playing.
    • Recess scheduling and structuring has been done to support physical distancing and limit missing of cohorts.
    • Students will wash/sanitize their hands before and after recess.
    • On days of inclement weather, recess may involve “taking a break” activities in their classrooms, or small groups may take turns using the gymnasium if available.


    Gymnasium Use:

    • Elementary: To limit the potential for COVID-19 transmission, PE classes will be taught remotely on asynchronous learning days, or may be held in regular classrooms with modified activities.
    • Secondary: Gymnasiums will be utilized in a modified manner to accommodate PE classes and will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
    • Social distancing and safety guidelines for physical education classes will be observed at all times.