Transportation Protocols

  • Considerations:

    • When possible, families are encouraged to transport student(s) in personal vehicles and avoid carpooling, to limit close contact with others and reduce bus ridership.
    • If carpooling is necessary, every passenger in a carpool and the driver should wear masks for the entire trip and have car windows open. Consider carpooling with families in your child’s class/cohort at school.


    Riding a School Bus:

    • Parents need to screen their student’s health at home, including taking their student’s temperature and completing the attestation, prior to sending students to a bus stop.
    • Students and drivers must wear a mask covering nose and chin, when riding a bus. Masks should fit properly – snug (aim for no gaps) and covering the nose bridge, mouth and chin.
    • Instruct your student to maintain distance (at least 6 feet from others) when waiting for the bus.
    • Reduced ridership is expected since some families are choosing remote learning.
    • Riders will be spaced as far apart as possible.
    • Students may have assigned bus seats.
    • Siblings/household members can share a seat.
    • Students should dress warmly since windows will be lowered for increased ventilation.
    • High-touch areas will be sanitized between routes, and buses disinfected nightly.


    Coming soon…

    • New this year: Each student who rides a bus will be assigned a unique Smart Tag Card.
    • Each time they board a bus, they will hold up their card for the driver to scan it.
    • This new system will help verify daily ridership and support contract tracing, if needed.
    • (More details will be shared when we launch this new system, after in-person learning resumes.)