Daily Health Screen & Attestation

  • QR Code Daily health screening and attestation is an important way to keep our schools healthy and is REQUIRED for school attendance.  All students and staff MUST complete a health screening, including temperature check, AND submit an attestation each morning they are scheduled to be at school.  Complete the health screen and attestation at home, before boarding a school bus or entering a school. Ideally, use the link found in the email sent to the family 1 / guardian 1 email address each day your student is scheduled to attend school. If you cannot find that link, the daily attestation can be completed by scanning this QR code or clicking this link: https://bit.ly/svsd-attest


    What is the daily HEALTH SCREENING?

    • Each morning, take your student’s temperature, check for ill symptoms and consider COVID-19 exposures and/or testing. Click here for questions similar to what you will be asked to answer.
    • Screen students at home on days they are scheduled to attend in-person.
    • No thermometer at home?  No problem - contact your school nurse.


    What is an ATTESTATION? 

    • Attestation is the declaration that the health screening has been done and shares the results.  
    • Required each day the student is scheduled for in-person school, whether coming to school or not. 
    • Watch a video on how the health screening/attestation works. (The SVSD process will happen electronically. No paper copy is needed as the video suggests.)


    How to SET UP attestation? 

    • All SVSD families will automatically receive an email from Qualtrics (“noreply@qemailserver.com”) for each student in the early morning on the first day they are scheduled for in-person learning. 
    • To also receive the attestation link via text message, we recommend entering a cell phone number, when prompted the first time the email link is used.
    • Attestation email/text can only be sent to one family member. It is set up to go to the first contact listed in Family Access (under Guardian1/Family1).  If that contact is not correct, changes can be made through Family Access or by calling the school.


    How to COMPLETE the daily attestation?

    • Look for an email on school days entitled “Action Required: School Daily Symptom Check” with a link to open the health survey. (Not seeing it? Some families are finding it in their spam/junk mail folder.)
    • Within the health survey:
      • First screen - change language, if needed (box in the upper right corner)
      • Second screen - enter or change cell phone number for daily text link (recommended)
      • Following screens - health screening questions about any ill symptoms, exposures or COVID tests. 
    • If approved to attend school, you will see a green check mark
    • If you enter a symptom of illness or exposure to COVID, you will get a red X and you should not send your student to school. Instead contact your school nurse, and report your student's absence through your school's attendance line.
    • Alternatives to the email/text - These are not the preferred methods but can be used if needed:
    • Please screen your child’s health first thing in the morning and attest right away even if your student attends the PM session. If your child’s health status changes after you have attested, please keep your student home and call your school nurse for further instructions.
    • Attest EVERY day your student is scheduled to be in person whether they are attending or not.  Please see FAQs below for how to attest for different absence reasons.
    • If you have multiple students in the district, they will each have their own unique survey with their name on it to be filled out each day (i.e. you will get multiple emails/text).
    • If you have opted in for the attestation questions to be sent by a daily text, you will still get the same daily link sent via email as well, and either can be used.  If you are not seeing a text before school starts (sometimes there is a delay with texts), please check your email and take the attestation questionnaire that way for that day. (You can also use the back-up "Alternative" options listed above, if you do not see a text or email on a morning of in-person learning.)


    Frequently Asked Questions about Attestation:


    What if a student travels between 2 families?

    Your choices are:

    • When attesting, change the phone number in the app back and forth to the number of the parent the student will be with the next morning. You can volley the texts back and forth like this but the emails will only go to 1 parent - the parent that is listed first in Family Access. 
    • Alternatively, one parent (Guardian 1/Family 1 listed in Family Access) gets the email link for attesting. And the second parent phone number is entered in the app and always attests from the text link.
    • Least preferable methods: Use the SVSD QR code/link to open a questionnaire link, or complete a printed attestation paper (in English) or (en espanol).


    What is the difference between attesting with the district's QR code vs. the email/text from Qualtrics?

    You have to enter more info if you use the SVSD QR code & it increases the work of staff who are tracking student health status from the attestations. If you need to use the SVSD QR Code or Link, please enter your student's name as it appears in Skyward (not the guardian's name) and use the email address for the Guardian 1 / Family 1, that's designated for your student in Family Access. That will help match the information you submit accurately to your student.


    Can my student do the attestation?

    Older students (i.e. middle school and high school) may attest for themselves. Parents/guardians must ensure students understand the daily health survey questions and have taken their temperature each morning BEFORE leaving for school.  The attestation survey email can only go to the email attached to guardian 1/Family 1, not the student's email.  The student's phone number, however, can be entered into the survey so that they receive the survey link each day via text.  


    What happens if a student doesn’t have a daily attestation done?

    Please do not send your child to school without their attestation being completed. Students at school without attestation will be tracked, screened and parents contacted.  It takes a significant amount of staff time to follow up on each student to verify their health and is not sustainable for providing hybrid learning. If it is rare that it’s not done prior to arrival, then we contact family to obtain attestation.  If students are not attesting regularly, we will follow the district’s procedure and you will hear from an administrator. Remember, this is a requirement for attendance at in-person school. 


    How do I attest if my student is staying home for an exposure or quarantine?      

    1. Answer “NO” to the first question about attending school today. 
    2. Answer “I am feeling sick today” for why they are not attending, even if you’re not actually feeling sick.
    3. If you aren’t feeling sick, choose “None of the above” for the symptoms question, otherwise select your symptoms.
    4. For the last question, you would share if you have been in close contact to someone with COVID, told to stay home, or had a COVID + test (so, asymptomatic, but still exposed or positive).


    Do I have to attest if we are on vacation or at an appointment?

    We do still need to know if your student is coming to school or not. Please report the absence to the school as normal (via the Attendance Phone line) and also fill out your attestation with: 

    1. Choose “NO” to the first question that you are not planning to come into school. 
    2. Next, choose “I am not scheduled to come in today” for why you are not coming in.  


    Once they have been sick, how long do I have to attest to my student's symptoms? 

    The attestation survey questions ask about symptoms your student has experienced in the past 10 days.  However, if your student has been out ill but is cleared to come back earlier than 10 days (i.e. negative COVID test), you may answer "no" to the symptom history questions as they relate to this illness, as they have already been discussed and cleared by the nurse. If new or different symptoms arise however, these should be attested to.


    Do I have to attest on Wednesdays?

    The current system does not allow for the attestation email/text to be stopped on asynchronous Wednesdays. However, families can ignore answering the attestation on Wednesday, since it is not a scheduled in-person day.


    Lastly, if you are not able to access the attestation survey or have additional questions, please reach out to your school nurse.