COVID-19 Exposure Guidance


    Individuals who have been exposed to a confirmed COVID positive individual in the past 14 days should quarantine and not return to in-person school until they have communicated with the school nurse and been cleared to return.  Your school nurse can be contacted through the school office.



    Exposure is defined as having close contact with a confirmed COVID positive individual during their infectious period.  Close contact includes the following circumstances:

    • Living in the same household with a confirmed case of COVID-19; or,
    • Being within six feet of a person confirmed with COVID-19 for a combined total of 15 minutes or more within a 24 hour period; or,
    • Being in direct contact with secretions from a person with a confirmed case of COVID-19 (e.g. being coughed on, sharing utensils, etc.).

    A point of clarification: Exposure to someone who was exposed to someone else with COVID-19 is typically not considered an exposure.


    Additionally, if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, it is possible that the Department of Health may consider many of the student’s classmates and teachers to be close contacts and need to quarantine, especially if they have not adhered to social distancing and mask use. 


    Quarantine Guidelines:

    SVSD follows the Department of Health quarantine guidelines for individuals exposed to COVID-19 which currently advises:


    • Individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine and not return to school until 14 days have passed since the last day they were in close contact with the person diagnosed with COVID-19.


    • In families that continue to live together with a COVID-positive individual, the close contact individual’s quarantine begins immediately, but the 14-day count does not start until the last positive family member has finished their infectious period. (This can add up to quite a bit of time.)
    • A negative test does not shorten the 14-day quarantine period.
    • Guidelines continue to change but with the guidance of your school nurse, there may be some exceptions which allow for an earlier return to school following exposure.
    • If a student develops symptoms during their 14-day quarantine period, they should call/consult with their healthcare provider and seek testing for COVID-19If you are out of school due to exposure and end up testing positive for COVID-19, please notify the school right away.

    If you are concerned about your health, please notify your healthcare provider and your school, and do not come to school.