COVID-19 Response Protocols

  • Snoqualmie Valley School District will activate the following protocols for any student or staff member who has been on campus that reports a positive COVID-19 test.  Close contact to the individual who reports a positive diagnosis will result in a public health-required quarantine.  Students who need to quarantine will transition to distance learning.


    Student Protocols

    1. Families should report positive COVID-19 cases to the school.
    2. School nurse reports to District COVID Coordinator to coordinate with the health department.
    3. Need for any additional cleaning is evaluated.
    4. Investigation of close contacts is conducted in partnership with health department.
    5. All persons found to have been in close contact with positive case will be notified privately and confidentially by the District and/or Public Health, with instruction to begin quarantine.
    6. School monitors exclusion compliance of those isolated for COVID-19 and those quarantined for exposure.