Communication of COVID-19 Positive Cases

  •  Public Health Notification

    Snoqualmie Valley School District will notify local public health officials in all circumstances in which we receive notification of a positive test, or in other circumstances that require further consultation.


    Student, Family and Staff Communication

    It is the goal of SVSD to keep families informed of COVID-19 positive cases impacting school and district facilities, while also respecting the privacy of individuals.

    • For each positive COVID-19 case, close contacts will be notified with instructions to quarantine.
    • After the confidential, private notifications to close contacts, additional communication will be provided as directed by Public Health -- Seattle & King County.
    • At this time during the pandemic, public health will also allow us to provide general notifications to school members when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 even though they were not a close contact. The purpose of that is to notify the school community of the situation and remind everyone of preventative measures. No identifying information can be provided.