World-Language Competency Testing Resources

  • Language & Assessment List

    • Click Language & Assessment List to review the test utilized for each language.
    • Contact Laurie Edwards at the Snoqualmie Valley School District Office if the language you need to test in does not appear on the list.


    Practice Tests

    Sample tests can be accessed using the below links.  Use the Language & Assessment List to ensure you use the correct practice test for the language tested.


    World Language Assessment Proficiency Levels


    Average Time Required To Reach World Language Proficiency Levels 1

    Years of Language Study

    Language Competency Level
    Based on Proficiency Testing

    High School World Language Credit Earned

     2 Years of High School Study


      1 2

     4 Years of High School Study

    Intermediate Low


     Six Years of Study

    Intermediate Mid


     Nine Years of Study

    Intermediate High


     Twelve or more Years of Study




    1    Most students who engage solely in regular middle school/high school classroom instruction will remain in the Novice range

    2  Credit is earned by students who are assessed at Novice Mid or Novice High proficiency levels; students at Novice Low proficiency are not eligible for competency-based credits.


    Other Resources

    STAMP 4S Benchmark & Rubric Guide - This document outlines the test benchmarks and scoring criteria for one of the assessments we will administer during World Language competency testing (STAMP 4S).  We will assess most, but not all students using STAMP 4S.  Criteria vary across assessments, but this document provides a general idea of the criteria used to assess student proficiency.


    Comparison Between ACTFL, CEFR & ILR - This document allows families who are familiar with the European assessment system to compare Washington State World Language competency testing to European assessments.