• Superintendent Selection Process & Opportunity to Observe Interviews

    Parents: Do you want to observe first-round interviews? Submit your name for lottery selection by March 11…

    Posted March 5, 2021


    Thanks to all who participated in the Community/Staff Survey from January 27- February 8, to help define the key characteristics for an ideal superintendent candidate for our district. The position closed this week, March 1, and our consultants from Ray and Associates are now screening viable applicants to present to the School Board. This is an update on next steps in the selection process and information on how stakeholders can participate in observing first-round interviews.


    Observing First Round Interviews on March 23 and March 25:  

    While our School Board will be conducting the candidate interviews, there is an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to this important selection process and the Board’s ultimate hiring decision. A group of 16 individuals, representing staff, parents, and students, will be able to observe first-round interviews and submit written feedback to the Board. The observers will be present during the interviews only, not during Board debriefs or discussions. They will also be asked to sign confidentiality agreements and not disclose any information regarding the interviews or the applicants (to respect the applicant’s privacy).


    Following each interview, the observers may provide written feedback to the Board as to how well the candidates match the desired qualities defined for the next SVSD superintendent. (Click here for the observer guidelines.) The observer group will be comprised of:

    • 8 staff observers, selected by the following staff groups: SVEA, SVASA, PSE, assistant superintendents, and principals;
    • 2 student observers determined by the student representatives to the School Board;
    • 6 parent observers: 1 PTSA representative (selected by the PTSAs), plus 5 parent observers (selected through a lottery drawing).


    Parents:  Are you interested in applying for the lottery?

    If you would like to be one of the five parents (and two parent alternates) selected to observe the first-round superintendent interviews and provide written feedback to the School Board, please click here to fully understand the observer requirements and commitment of participation.  If you agree to these guidelines, are available both March 23 and March 25 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and would like to participate, please submit your name for the lottery as follows:


    Send an email to wrightc@svsd410.org with the subject:  Parent Observer Lottery.  In the body of the message, please confirm your interest in participation and include your name, email address, phone number, and schools your students attend.  Submissions are due before 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 11.


    Continued Timeline for Selecting SVSD Superintendent:

    • March 5 – Key stakeholder groups were invited to select representatives to participate in the group of 16 Observers for first-round interviews (including employee associations, administrators, staff, students, parents)
    • March 5-11 – Interested parents can submit their name to be included in the public lottery drawing to select interview observers. (See details below.)
    • March 11 – During the regular School Board meeting, the Board will draw names among parents who submitted their interest to select five parent observers and two alternates.
    • March 18 – School Board Executive session with Ray & Associates to review applications and evaluate merits of candidates for first-round interviews.
    • March 23 – Executive sessions to interview candidates (first-round interviews with selected observers), 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • March 25
      • Executive session to interview candidates (first-round interviews with selected observers), 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
      • School Board regular meeting, 5 p.m.
    • Week of March 29
      • Executive sessions for finalist interviews.
      • Administrative forums (principals/administrators to meet finalists and provide feedback to the Board). Format to be determined.
      • Town Hall meetings (public/staff to meet finalists via zoom and provide feedback to the Board). These sessions will be recorded and posted.
      • Executive session to review feedback from Administrative forums/Town Hall meetings and evaluate merits of candidates
      • Special meeting for School Board to select superintendent
    • April – Post announcement of superintendent choice

    NOTE:  Executive sessions are not open to the public, as defined by law.



    Interested Candidates:

    Welcome to the Snoqualmie Valley School District and thank you for your interest in the superintendent position for next year. The job posting for the position closed March 1, 2021.  Please click on the image below for details about the opportunity and how to apply directly to Ray & Associates at www.rayassoc.com.


    Superintendent Search Flyer

    This job posting is now closed.



    Updated Search Timeline, Process and Survey Results

    Posted February 12, 2021


    At the February 11 School Board meeting, the Board provided an update on the superintendent search process and timeline. Additionally, consultants from Ray & Associates summarized results of the survey that solicited input from the community members, staff, students and the Board on characteristics desired in an ideal candidate. 


    Updated timeline and next steps:

    • 1/20/21 – School Board votes to work with Ray & Assoc.
    • 1/26 – Board approved job posting
    • 1/27 – Position profile posted on website, advertised on state/national recruiting sites
    • 1/27-2/8 – Community/Staff survey
    • 2/11 – School Board meeting update and review of survey results
    • 3/1 – Position closes
    • 3/2-17 – Ray & Assoc. to review applications and screen candidates
    • 3/18 – Board meets in executive session to review candidate information
    • Week of 3/22 – First round of interviews with top candidates
    • Week of 3/29 – Interviews & Town Hall with finalists


    Selection Process Overview:

    The School Board plans to use a process similar to that used by our district in 2018, to hire Dr. Manahan. During the first round of interviews the week of March 22, the Board will interview top candidates in executive session, while a group of approximately 16 stakeholders are invited to observe for at least two full days of meetings. Observers will be selected by their groups and represent SVEA, SVASA, PSE, Administrative Cabinet, Principals, Administrative assistants, PTSA, students, and 5 parents (selected by lottery). Taking into consideration feedback from the observers, as well as references and background checks from Ray & Associates, the Board will narrow the pool of top candidates to determine which candidates will advance to second round of interviews as finalists.


    Finalist interviews, targeted for the week of March 29, will include Town Hall-type public meetings, a meet and greet opportunity with administration, and additional Board interviews. Ultimately, the School Board will make the final hiring decision during a public School Board meeting.  (For more information, see the Superintendent Search Process Update, presented 2/11/21.)


    Survey Results:

    For the responses that emerged as the key candidate characteristics and experiences valued by our Board and community, click here:  Summary of Survey Results, presented by Ray & Associates.



    SVSD Superintendent Search Process and Community/Staff Survey

    Posted January 27, 2021


    The search and selection process to hire the next superintendent for the Snoqualmie Valley School District has begun, following Superintendent Rob Manahan’s announcement regarding his plans to retire at the end of the school year. The School Board is partnering with a national education search firm, Ray & Associates, to conduct a broad and thorough selection process, to name the next SVSD superintendent. 


    Community/Staff Engagement:  The Board recognizes that selecting a superintendent is one of its most important functions. Therefore, they are interested in gaining input from constituents and staff before selecting that individual. To begin, SVSD staff, students, parents and community members are invited share feedback through a survey (below). The survey will help define the desired selection criteria for identifying an ideal candidate to match the needs and values of our district.  The interview process will include input from staff, students, administrators and parents; and, there will be opportunities to meet the finalists later this spring.  Ultimately, the School Board makes the final decision on hiring the next superintendent of Snoqualmie Valley School District, who will begin July 1, 2021.


    Click here to take the brief survey - to prioritize desired leadership qualities, expertise and experiences that matter most to you in a superintendent.  (Survey closed February 8.) 


    Initial Timeline:

    • January 26 – School Board approves flyer to advertise opportunity.
    • January 27 – Position opens.
    • January 27 – February 8 – Online survey (staff/students/parents/community)
    • February 11 – Board to review stakeholder survey results, prioritize selection criteria
    • March 1 – Position closes. Deadline for applications.


    More details to come on the timeline and selection process, with interviews currently targeted to begin mid- to late-March.