One-to-One Device Troubleshooting FAQ'S

Computer Problems


    Stylus and Charging Cord Issues

    As per page 3 of the One-toOne Device Student and Parent Handbook, MSHS does not replace components that are lost, broken or damaged.  

    Replacement items are for sale at the FINANCE WINDOW

    • Before School
    • During All Lunches
    • After School

    Replacement Item Costs (Taxes are charged and included in the costs below)

    • Acer Charger/Adapter- $17.40
    • Acer Stylus- $42.40
    • Acer One-to-One Device Laptop- $293.50

    Having Technical Issue with Your One-to-One Device?

    Before contacting the Media Center, please make sure:

    • Device is completely charged and green light on front of device is lit.
    • You have logged out of all apps and programs and you shut the device down.
    • Reboot to see if this has rectified the problem. (remember this can take up to 10 minutes to update.  Don't touch it!  Let it do it's thing.) 
    • Stylus issues, check the battery first.


    IF PROBLEM IS STILL NOT RECIFIED,  Please contact Library ParaEducator, Felicia Stone at